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Crittall Inspired Windows, Eluding Excellence

Though famed for replicating and replacing architecturally significant metal windows in historic and refurbishment projects, Crittall-inspired windows are also just as ideal for contemporary projects - both commercial and residential.
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Black steel-framed windows truly are a statement piece. And at Lifestyle, no matter your property, you’ll find the right high-quality slimline Crittall-inspired window.

Our range suits not only replacement windows projects on character properties, but also clients with modern properties looking for Modernist or Art Deco-styling as well as maximum light.


Crittall-like windows can be customised from a wide range of styles, frame colours and glazing types, ensuring you get the right window no matter the style of your property.

If it’s a renovation project, our replacement steel windows are uniquely designed to fit into existing timber frames or direct to brick or stone too.


Thanks to their slime frames, our Crittall-inspired windows are renowned for letting in the maximum amount of natural light. Not only that, double glazing options at Lifestyle also ensures superb thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Our range of steel replacement windows are also highly secure, with multi-point locking systems optional.
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Crittall replacement windows

The popularity of Crittall-inspired windows is showing no signs of slowing down.

Thanks to their versatile, slim-profile frames, the window style is perfect for the current industrial trend we’ve seen grow in properties up and down the country – and we don’t expect that to change any time soon.

So whether you are looking for replacement Crittall-style windows in your Victorian townhouse, or need to maximum light in your contemporary flat, Lifestyle have a range of designs which exude quality in both performance and aesthetic.
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